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Let US vote!

  • Camden Authorities have a history of failing to produce jobs while incurring costs and losses of millions to taxpayers. The same officials will hand-pick the
    Spaceport Authority Board.

  • Taxpayers must be allowed to vote if we're expected to take financial risk for the spaceport. The PSA scandal still haunts us and Camden taxpayers still owe unpaid IRS taxes. How will we pay for all of that?

  • Most everything promised about the spaceport has changed but is kept secretive. What are they hiding, and why are they hiding it?

* Tribune and Georgian, February 7, 2019


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Sign the petition so we get the chance to vote!


Voters HOLD the POWER

Tell your elected officials today that you do not want a Spaceport Authority and demand the right to vote on spaceport debt.

It can be stopped in the Georgia Legislature if Representatives
Sainz and Corbett and Senator Ligon understand
citizens demand a direct vote on a speculative spaceport-to-nowhere.

We can also stop it in a Special Election. Please Sign and return a petition so we can force an up or down vote on the Spaceport Authority.

The Spaceport Authority is expensive and unnecessary.

We've removed contact information for the Camden Commissioners since they have demonstrated they are not interested in what voters and taxpayers have to a say about how they are taxed. Four of 5 Commissioners failed to attend the Public Hearing they intentionally called on short notice. They were disrespectful to citizens who found a way to participate in the Commissioner's meeting they themselves were too busy to attend.


We're happy to book a speaker for any size group or meeting. In 30 minutes to an hour, your members will learn about why Spaceport Camden is likely to harm Camden County for generations. 100% of information presented will be backed with authoritative sources and documentation.

Since this is a controversial topic, our speaker will be fully prepared to take questions from your members.

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